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Construction Products in India: The Issues, the Potential and the Way Ahead

Fourth edition

Executive Summary

The Fourth edition of the Construction Products in India: The Issues, the Potential and the Way Ahead takes on a direct approach and the responsibility of bringing in well-researched unbiased information and opinions about new construction products in India.

Who will the publication benefit?
Architects, Interior designers, Consultants, Home owners, Product manufacturers

How can you use this publication?
Learn about new products, their applications, their technical details and performance, how they compare with older or contemporary products, etc.

A professional and highly structured system is being set up to bring in quality editorial inputs and validate the information in the publication to ensure the end product is un-biased and useful.

The publication has been conceptualized to ensure that it has a long shelf life and becomes a handy reference guide for users of construction products.


The Fourth edition of the Construction Products in India: The Issues, the Potential and the Way Ahead heralds a sea-change in the way CCPS wishes to reach out to construction professionals and product manufacturers, its key audiences as far as this publication is concerned.

As a representative of the construction product manufacturers and providers of construction services in the country, we see several discrepancies between the availability of construction products in the market today and the extent of knowledge regarding these products amongst professionals.

This publication has been looking at filling these gaps. In this edition, we are focusing on listing new products and bringing in the technical, application-related and performance data that professionals need to correctly use construction products.


Updating construction professionals about the various new products and technologies that are constantly emerging in the marketplace

Therefore, the publication will help architects, interior designers, and consultants with the following functions:

  1. Know what are the new products
  2. Learn the applications of new products
  3. Understand the performance of these products
  4. Allow you to compare products
  5. Bring in expert opinions on the performance, suitability and long-term prospects for these products

This will help professionals to:

Get better market knowledge

  • Make informed decisions while selecting products
  • Avoid application errors
  • Give suitable alternatives to products that clients cannot afford or wish to avoid
  • Select suitable products for highly specialised and specific applications
  • Appreciate the technical and performance features of products

At the same time, it will make it easier for construction products companies to:

  • Explain their products to their target audience
  • Ensure the correct use of their products
  • Dispel myths about the performance of their products
  • Get an industry evaluation of their products and technologies viz-a-viz their competition


The CCPS team wishes to adopt a novel approach that will set the standards for evaluating construction products in the Indian market over time. To this end, the publication will be run by an independent Editorial Team, backed by an Editorial Advisory Board that will play an important role in the conception and content development of the publication.

Role of Editorial Team

  • Conducting secondary research to select the product categories and develop a system for classifying the products
  • Collecting data regarding new products from product companies
  • Validating this data with experts suggested by Editorial Board
  • Compiling information
  • Editing, writing fresh content, taking all editorial decisions
  • Ensuring quality of final product

Role of Editorial Advisory Board

  • To assist in the development of the publication
  • To promote the concept and encourage contributions and submissions
  • To advise on current issues and advances in products and technologies
  • To aid in evaluating content, both internal and contributed
  • To offer opinion on layout and design
  • To ensure that the content put forth by the publication is credible and authoritative
  • To help ensure that the opinions contained in this publication are unbiased
  • To help bring in expert opinions as well as a peer-review process to the content
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