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Update - August 2007

CCPS Update, August 2007

The Glass & Glazing Project:

The project consists of writing Guidelines on use of Glass in Buildings with respect to Human Safety. A steering committee has been formed keeping in mind the integrity of the process and the acceptance of the recommendations of the committee by the industry.

Apart from the meetings of the Steering Committee the draft is being circulated and recommendations of the members of steering committee accepted by email, courier and post. The third Steering Committee meeting is to be held at Bangalore on 25th August 2007. to discuss the draft on Guidelines on use of Glass in Buildings – Part A Human Safety. The earlier two Steering Committee meetings were held at Delhi and Mumbai.

Stone Artifact Promotion Project:

On the Stone Artifacts Promotion Project, a total of 9 clusters had been identified for field survey. DRONAH-CCPS had completed field surveys of six stone clusters by July, 2007, and an additional two clusters were surveyed in August. One remaining cluster is currently being surveyed and will be completed by end-August. The data gathered for all the surveys includes detailed field notes mentioning names of quarries, suppliers (raw and finished), craftsmen, and exporters and describing the various processes and products which have emerged from each of the team’s cluster visits; a databank of process and product photographs; sketches by master craftsmen and by surveyors; and lists of contact names and addresses.

The field notes and a presentation were submitted to IICD at the July monthly meeting, and DRONAH-CCPS will submit the resource directory at the Sept. 14 meeting with IICD.

LGF Sysmac (India) Pvt. Ltd joins CCPS as associate member

LGF Sysmac (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a consortium of European companies, providing high quality architectural hardware catering to the Indian building industry.
Their consortium partners consists of companies including ALUALPHA, Portugal & SECURISTYLE, U.K., manufacturing hardware for aluminum & upvc doors, windows, curtain walls and structural glazing facades.
Appreciating the objectives and initiatives of CCPS, LGF Sysmac (India) has chosen to take up associate membership with CCPS.

CCPS 4TH PUBLICATION “Construction Products in India”:

As you all are aware, CCPS 4th publication- Construction products in India is now available. The Publication enlists new and existing construction products with their technical specifications, usages and manufacturers in India. There is a special offer for all the professionals in the construction industry and now they can get the power tool manual for Rs. 750/- free of cost as a complimentary copy with the purchase of CCPS IV publication, Construction Products in India. For further details, you can contact CCPS office.

CCPS Power Tools Manual Construction Products in India
CCPS Power Tools Manual Construction Products in India


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